The hardware of Geduino was designed to be easily constructible with basic tools available to all maker. Despite its simplicity Geduino is equipped of all sensors and computation power needed for most advanced task.

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Navigation is the basic feature for an autonomous robot. To operate in a real human world, a robot should move independently. In fact, Geduino is able to orient itself in an unknown environment, to plan and keep the optimal path in order to reach the desired position avoiding fixed as well as mobile obstacles.



Geduino is able to perceive the world around: it uses its perception not only to navigate and moving around but also to interact with humans. Its perception is expanded to speech recognition and imagery. Thanks to his camera and microphone, Geduino is able to recognize people, faces, places, and human behaviors and actively respond to people’s requests.



An autonomous robot perceives the world and interact with people that surround it. The ability to move is one of Geduino’s basic features used to come closer to our world. The LCD panel allows the robot to show images and information, whereas the speaker and the text system are intended to allow an exchange of data with the external world.



Artificial intelligence is very important as far as collecting perception, navigation and interaction features are concerned. A.I. engine receives information that come from Geduino’s perception sensors and thanks to its interaction actuators, can execute the decisions taken in order to best interact with humans in the real world.