About Geduino

Robotics is a sexy subject involving maths, computer science, mechanics, electronics and, finally, creativity.

Geduino is an open source platform designed for Autonomous Robot application: the goal of Geduino project is to build a robot able to act autonomously in a real human environment.

Geduino is based on ROS, the famous Robot Operating System. ROS is a world wide used robot framework in research and industrial environment. Geduino take advantages from  ROS community and contribute to its development.

ROS Logo

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About me

I was born in Rome in 1978 and I studied Mechanical Engineering at Università degli Studi di Roma Tre. Currently I’m working as Embedded Architect at Genius Bytes Software Solutions.

Following my curiosity and open to new technologies I discovered Robotics in 2013 and, enthusiastically involved, I started the Geduino project.

Photography by Carola Blondelli

You can contact me geduino.foundation@gmail.com