After long time Geduino finally has a logo! Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey for their contribution.

The new blog look was an occasion to add new contents:

  • on the right side of the page you find a link to GitHub repositories of Geduino code and other open source projects used developing Geduino. All source code are distributed under GPL V3 license;
  • a new page contains a step by step guide to create Geduino SD card (from Kernel and modules to ROS packages).
Coming soon on the blog:

  • I’m working on a ROS library for Java that is still an alfa version. I think it can be useful to other developer and I’ll spend more posts about it:
  • I’ll add DWG file of the Geduino hardware, including Eagle project of the power board and the shield.
Geduino has now a logo!

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